What to look for in a luxury apartment

Posted 4 years ago

Living in a luxury apartment is about much more than just the status that comes with it. The amenities and lifestyle that accompany living in a luxury apartment are hard to surpass. At EBG Developments in Melbourne, we understand not only the importance but also the pleasure of living in a prestigious apartment. We can offer you not only an impeccably designed apartment, but also a variety of premium services and well-thought out communal spaces.

If you’re thinking of buying an apartment that offers the crème de la crème of amenities and lifestyle options, our New Charsfield development provides the perfect blend of what we think you should look out for when shopping for a luxury apartment.

Location, Location

The location is everything when it comes to searching for an apartment to buy. Melbourne has been voted The Most Liveable City by The Economist for 5 years in a row. This is because everything that you’d want, from parks and trams to shopping and dining, is easily accessible from a number of locations. At EBG, we offer luxury living in both historically sought-after locations like St Kilda Road, as well as up-and-coming neighbourhoods like Malvern. Each option offers the lifestyle you want with access to the culture you need to fulfil your lifestyle. The most important thing to consider with luxury apartments is how easily your route to work and your social life fit into the location of your home.

Concierge Service

Having a concierge to greet you and guests and welcome you to the building is something you should look for in a luxury apartment. For people who are pressed for time, a concierge serves a very valuable purpose of helping residents with a variety of everyday tasks such as accepting deliveries or calling taxis. Not only does a concierge maintain a sense of security in the building, but they also give you peace of mind that many of your personal tasks are under someone’s careful control.

Garden Terrace

One of the benefits of luxury living, even in a high-rise metropolitan area, is the ability to always be close to nature. A true luxury complex or property will offer a communal park space or garden for residents to enjoy and reconnect with nature. Lush gardens and manicured hedges will complete a look of tamed natural beauty for your everyday enjoyment.

Residents’ Lounge

In a luxury apartment complex, it is important to have a focused communal space for relaxation among the residents. Picture yourself after a long day of work, relaxing in a charming residents’ lounge, like the one we offer within our New Charsfield residence.

Private Dining Room

Luxury is often about sharing magnificent experiences with the people in your life. Your space should provide you with the opportunity to reserve a lovely dining room space with a full gourmet kitchen so that you can have a private dinner party or a casual, but exquisite, gathering among friends.


Whether your library is modelled after a modern multimedia room or inspired by Melbourne’s traditional clubs, having a library in your residence is a true sign of luxury. It can serve practical purposes, like a space to get work done from home, or purely casual academic pursuits.

The difference between luxury apartment complexes and mid-range is not just in the apartment itself, but also in the fabulous amenities the building provides. To live a life of luxury from the accessibility and comfort of your apartment, contact EBG Developments today.